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Why Take a Course with Us?

The Lilias Trotter Center equips men and women with a thorough, scholarly, Christian understanding of Islam and ministry to Muslims.

Workers who are presently in service can remain in their ministry context while studying since our courses are accessible online and in person around the globe. We also work hard to make courses affordable, especially for workers from the Global South.


You can take one of our courses through Wesley Biblical Seminary, or you can attend in person as we offer "stand-alone" courses in various locations around the world at different times throughout the year. 

We are happy to talk with you about offering a course where you are! 
If you have a group of 10+ people who are interested in what we have to offer, we'd love to talk with you about scheduling a one- or two-week visit to your part of the world. 

Contact us here.

This course has been very enjoyable indeed — I've gained deeper understanding of some things I already know and learned a lot of things as well.                                                 - T.O, Nigeria


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