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In an effort to serve you during this time of physical distancing during the global COVID-19 outbreak, we in the Lilias Trotter Center are offering some special online and live Zoom courses that you can take advantage of in the coming weeks! 

Our faculty:

Along with the help of other seasoned teachers and practitioners in ministry to Muslims, we serve Christians and missionaries serving in church planting and other ministries to Muslims globally. 

Benjamin Hegeman has served in Benin, West Africa for about 30 years, and is fluent in Baatonu, French and Dutch.


Don Little served in Morocco for about 10 years, is fluent in French and functional in Moroccan Arabic. Following his time as church planter, he served for several years in mission leadership in Canada and has served as a missiologist since 2007.


Gail Schlosser has served in a variety of diaspora ministries for more than 25 years among Muslims in Los Angeles, London, and Beirut.

We have been teaching courses on Islam and ministry to Muslim at Houghton College, Wesley Biblical Seminary and in several other colleges since 2005. Since 2015 we’ve served various ministry and seminary partners in East and West Africa.

Take advantage of the extra time at home you now have--
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1. FREE: Live Weekly Online Question and Answer Sessions


Benjamin and Don will each host live, weekly two-hour video question and answer sessions beginning the week of April 13, 2020:

Don will host a session every Tuesday, from 1–3 pm, EDT.

Dr. Little’s specialty is in ministry to Muslims and is most experienced in evangelism, discipling and church planting among Muslims. He can address questions regarding contextualization, insider movements, discipling BMBs and church planting movements. Don will respond to any questions asked.

Benjamin will host a session every Wednesday, from 8.30-10.30 am, EDT.

Dr. Hegeman’s specialty is the Qur’an and origins of Islam, as well as the history of Islam, contemporary radical Islam and animist or Folk Islam. He also knows sub-Saharan Islam and Muslims well. Benjamin will respond to any questions asked.



2. LTC Online Courses offered in partnership with Wesley Biblical Seminary
       [$125 audit or $500 (66% discount) for 3 graduate credits]   

        (NOTE: All credits earned can be applied towards a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree at WBS.)


These 8-week courses can be done informally (for no academic credit, i.e., "audit"), or formally for academic graduate credit from Wesley Biblical Seminary. You will participate in live Zoom classes twice a week (see specifics below).


Whether you do them informally or formally, they both involve significant reading and you must complete an online orientation class prior to starting. If done for credit, then you will also need to write several essays and a final research paper.  Count on about 12-15 hours a week to audit or 18-20 hours a week of work for credit.


These graduate-level courses will run April 13 - June 5, 2020: 

A. Islamic Foundations: A Christian Analysis of Islam's Source Documents (MS620)


An intensive study of the Qur’an and the Sira that helps us decode the Qur’an and grasp the diversities in Muslim worldviews. We will read the entire Qur’an in chronological order, read much of the Biography of Muhammad by Ibn Hisham, and have twice-weekly interactive live Zoom sessions with Dr. Hegeman. This will include multiple interpretive exercises. Dr. Hegeman has been teaching various versions of this course for more than 15 years in many academic, missionary and seminar contexts. 

Ideal for both experienced practitioners and for those in their first few years of ministry.

The bi-weekly live Zoom classes will be Tuesday & Friday, 8:30-11:00 am, EDT


B. Christian Engagement with Muslims (MS612)

Beginning with an historical survey of Christianity in the East and of Christian-Muslim relations, the course moves into the contemporary period and explores many of the primary issues in ministry to Muslims today. The entire course will be taught in twice-weekly live interactive Zoom sessions. Dr. Little has taught various versions of this course many times in various countries and online. 

Ideal for both experienced practitioners and for those in their first few years of ministry.

The bi-weekly live Zoom classes will be Monday & Thursday, 8:30-11:00 am, EDT


3. FREE: "Advancing the Impossible" Videos

In June 2015, in partnership with Life Challenge, Benjamin, Gail and Don gave a week’s worth of lectures in Nairobi, Kenya. You can access and watch these lectures in whatever order you like at your own pace. There are no required readings/assignments, but plenty of extra materials are included. Topics include:

1. Qur’an, Hadith and Shari’a
2. Islamic History
3. Islam in the 20th and 21st Centuries
4. Ministering to Muslims & Missionary History
5. Conversion, Discipleship and Church Planting



“The world in which we live today is confronted with catastrophic changes unparalleled in human history and the Church is going to be tasked with discovering how to live side by side, step by step in harmony and yet with distinction, beside or alongside, a very aggressive and uniquely monotheistic faith. For these reasons and more I envision The Lilias Trotter Center helping the Church … as we seek to share Him with those who do not yet know and love Him.”

- David E. Dick,
VP at Large (and former International Director), One Mission Society


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