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In collaboration with Houghton College in Houghton, New York, the LTC offers an interdisciplinary approach to Islamic Studies for local students taught by experienced faculty. Students also benefit from engagement with seasoned practitioners living in the Houghton area.

- SPRING 2021 -

Bombs, Burqas and Borders:
The trauma behind the global headlines.


  • Why does it seem like so much of the news we hear about Muslims is bad news?

  • Why are there so many ongoing conflicts causing political and economic instability among Muslims (Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.)?

  • Why are there millions of refugees and internally displaced people in so many Muslim regions of the world?

     Through a survey of some key developments in Islam and a careful exploration of contemporary issues, this course will help you to better understand the Muslims of our world and expand your compassion for their pain and suffering.

This undergraduate level course examines militant versus moderate interpretations of Islam. It will cover issues around sharia law and democracy in the context of Muslim cultures. Students will develop appropriate responses to Muslim migration and refugees and expressions of compassion towards those experiencing trauma. 


Dr. Benjamin Hegeman is a co-founder and the Academic Dean of the Lilias Trotter Center, based at Houghton College. He and his wife Christine have served as SIM missionaries among Muslims for more than 30 years. He has a burning vision for promoting undergraduate and graduate training in Islamic studies, Muslim ministries, and in Christian-worldview teacher training in Muslim communities.

“We at Houghton College are pleased to be partnering with the Lilias Trotter Center as they seek to help the Christian community better understand the realities and complexities of the Muslim world.   Hosting the Lilias Trotter Center on Houghton’s campus is a natural extension of Houghton’s longstanding commitment to global engagement for the sake of the Gospel.”                          

                                                    - Shirley Mullen, President

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