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Course offerings for Fall 2023
(August 14 to December 8)

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MS 601 - Bridging Divides: 
Critical Issues in Islam and Ministry among Muslims 

Participate live on Zoom
Tuesdays 8:00-11:00am Eastern Time (New York)

MS 615 - Engaging Muslim Women: 
Fruitful practices for overcoming religious,
cultural, economic and educational disparit

Participate live on Zoom
Thursdays 9:00am-12:00pm Eastern Time (New York)

All LTC courses are offered in partnership with Wesley Biblical Seminary

for a significant discount of $1000 for three graduate credits.
You can audit a course for just $250.
Students from the Majority World can audit each course for just $100.

(Requirements for auditors are determined by the course instructor.)

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To audit a course, start by choosing the “audit” button in the registration process. Our courses are not listed individually. Simply choose "Another course" from the drop-down menu and follow the rest of the prompts to fill in your personal details.

To take a course for seminary credit, click on the "Graduate Certificate" option, then choose "Ministry to Muslims" as the intended degree and fill out the rest of the prompts.

[If you do not have a US-based phone number and are unable to proceed with registration without one, please email us at the address above.]

You will be contacted by an admissions counselor with WBS shortly after you submit your details. Be sure to let them know you are applying as an LTC student and indicate which course(s) you're interested in.

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MS 601 - Bridging Divides: 
Critical Issues in Islam and Ministry among Muslims 

Course Description:

Bridging Divides introduces students to the critical and controversial issues about which Christians often have deeply held and strongly contrasting convictions, and which frequently lead to division. We will explore seven issues in understanding the origins, development and meaning of Islam as well as seven issues in ministry among Muslims. This course explores the issues, seeks to be fair in presenting all sides of the topics, and encourages participants to develop skills in bridging the divides which often create conflicts among missionaries and ministries. 

Desired Student Outcomes: 
1.    Gain full exposure to the most controversial issues in the Christian study of Islam and in Christian engagement with Muslims.
2.    Become conversant in the main controversies so as to be able to build bridges among those with whom we disagree.
3.    Move toward mature understanding
of the issues and controversies that too often, tragically, put us at odds with each other as we seek to engage Muslims for the sake of the Kingdom of God. 
4.    Learn to become bridge-builders and peacemakers in areas of controversy. 

About the Course Instructors:


The course will be team-taught by Lilias Trotter Center faculty: Benjamin Hegeman, Don Little and Gail Schlosser. It will include guest practitioners representing a wide range of perspectives. We seek to equip students to live as the peacemakers Jesus calls us to be.

To begin the registration process, CLICK HERE (see notes above regarding registration).


MS 615 - Engaging Muslim Women: 
Fruitful practices for overcoming religious,
cultural, economic and educational disparities

Course Description:

Muslim women are among the least-reached people in the world. This course considers their unique needs and the formidable challenges that often make it difficult for them to learn about Jesus and be welcomed into his body. In addition to examining the religious and cultural challenges these women face, we will explore the many educational, social, and economic disparities that increase their isolation and vulnerability. We will consider their felt needs and explore together creative ways to access these women who are so loved by God. We will hear from several field practitioners learning from their wisdom and experience as well as each other.

About the Course Instructor:


This course is facilitated by Dr. Phillips, who has worked among Muslims in East and North Africa for more than 30 years, focused mostly on poor and isolated women with limited literacy. God has given her a special passion for women in villages and rural areas using community development work, public health skills, and oral approaches to reach and teach women. Her heart is to engage those who are the least-reached and have little access to personal resources and/or the gospel message.

To begin the registration process, CLICK HERE (see notes above regarding registration).


We offer our courses in partnership with 
Wesley Biblical Seminary
for a Graduate Certificate in Ministry to Muslims

This 24-credit certificate program will give you a solid foundation in understanding the history and development of both Christianity and Islam. You will investigate deeply the core of Christian and Muslim worldviews. You will gain practical skills in evangelism, discipleship and church planting in Muslim contexts. Click here to find out more!


Courses in this certificate program include:

1. Islamic Foundations: A Christian Analysis of Islam's Source Documents


Provides in-depth study of the Qur’an and the biography of Muhammad.

2. History of Islam

Surveys the development of Islam from 632 AD to present.

3. Christian Engagement with Muslims


Investigates historical and contemporary Christian approaches to Muslims.

4. Discipling and Planting Churches among Muslims


Studies principles for fruitful discipling and church planting among Muslims.

5. The Gospels

Develops an effective and comprehensive method of studying Scripture for life and ministry.

6. Philosophy of Christian Religion

Explores the philosophical presuppositions undergirding Christian theology.

7. History of Christian Thought

Traces the history of Christianity and the development of Christian doctrine.

8. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation


Examines the means of grace necessary for a dynamic Christian life and methods for discipleship in the local church.

NOTE: All credits earned in the Certificate can be applied towards a
Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree at WBS.

“The world in which we live today is confronted with catastrophic changes unparalleled in human history and the Church is going to be tasked with discovering how to live side by side, step by step in harmony and yet with distinction, beside or alongside, a very aggressive and uniquely monotheistic faith. For these reasons and more I envision The Lilias Trotter Center helping the Church … as we seek to share Him with those who do not yet know and love Him.”

- David E. Dick,
VP at Large (and former International Director), One Mission Society


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