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Course offerings for Fall 2022
(August 15 - December 9)

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Course Description:

     This course explores historical realities and approaches, biblical and theological perspectives, missiological, cultural and religious challenges in order to identify practical approaches to discipleship and church planting that God is using in the 21st century. We tackle the core issues and challenges that disciplers and church planters encounter as they labor and pray to see God birth healthy, flourishing and multiplying churches in Muslim communities. 

About the Course Instructor:

     Dr. Don Little is Pioneers’ Missiologist and a co-founder of the Lilias Trotter Center. Don also serves part-time as an adjunct professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary and Houghton College. 
     He was active discipling and church planting among Muslims in North Africa for eight years, and has had extensive exposure to what God is doing across the Arab world, in Africa, and in other parts of the Muslim world, through visits and consultations with church planters in more than 20 countries. 
     He is the author of Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities: Scripture, History and Seasoned Practices (IVP 2015). Don is married to Jeanie, a Spiritual Director, and they are the parents of three adult children.

*Requirements for auditors are determined by the course instructor.


Course Description:

     Muslim women are among the least-reached people in the world. This course considers their unique needs and the formidable challenges that too often make it exceptionally difficult for them to learn about Jesus and be welcomed into his body. We will explore the religious and cultural challenges these women face, as well as the many educational, social, and economic disparities that increase their isolation and vulnerability. We will consider creative ways to access these women who are so loved by God.

About the Course Instructor:

     Dr. Valerie P. has served mostly in rural areas with village women for more than 30 years, starting in sub-Saharan Africa and on to North Africa. She serves women in the public health arena, and in recent years served as a health and development consultant for local and expat non-governmental organizations.


Her decades-long passion and heart for village women and her work in meeting their physical and spiritual needs led her to doctoral work in Intercultural Studies at Biola, focusing on the use of oral methodology for teaching health to rural women with limited literacy skills. Her study grew out of the growing discussions on ministry approaches to orality and Bible storying. While her studies focused on the learning processes of oral learners and the teaching of health concepts, she also looked at the broader implications of the oral learning process and how tailored approaches can be used to help oral learners more generally.

*Requirements for auditors are determined by the course instructor.

Course offerings for Spring 2023
(January 9 - May 5)


Grappling with issues of identity, community, and discipleship

Course Description:

     This course will explore a range of issues and challenges for Christian Believers of Muslim background in gaining a strong identity in Christ and in his community. You will be guided on a tour through a range of different majority-Muslim contexts and Muslim diaspora contexts. In each lesson you will meet mature BMBs who will share their own experiences, wisdom, fears, hopes and dreams for what the Lord is doing in this generation and for healthy growth in the next generation. 

About the Course Instructors:


     Dr. Pat Brittenden grew up in Algeria and then worked as a University lecturer and in the development sector in Tunisia. He also has considerable experience in Muslim-Christian relations). His current research brings together a passion for teaching and learning with Christian theology in majority-Muslim contexts. He teaches, trains and writes on these related themes. He also leads the Hikma Research Partnership, which is committed to supporting research, writing and the amplification of the voices of Christians of a Muslim heritage.

     Dr. Tim Green and his wife Rachel worked for nearly 16 years in Pakistan, where they enjoyed bringing up their three children, followed by two years in Jordan. He holds degrees from Cambridge and London Universities, including a master's degree in Isalmic Societies and Cultures and a PhD from SOAS in London in aspects of conversion. Tim and Rachel are now based in Southeast Asia, and continue to produce discipleship materials for new believers, including the popular Come Follow Me course. Tim is the Director of Word of Life.

*Requirements for auditors are determined by the course instructors.


Course Description:

     In this course, we will examine the historical development of Islam in the areas of theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, governance, literature, and culture. This course covers the period from Muhammad’s death to the end of the Ottoman Empire. Relying on primary sources: the Qur’an, Hadith, Shari’a law, treaties, diplomatic correspondence, and love poems, those taking this course will enter a fascinating world of facts, legends, infighting, and conquest in order to understand how various Muslim interpretations of the past impact the identity of Muslim communities today.

About the Course Instructor:


Dr. Benjamin Hegeman is a co-founder and the Academic Dean of the Lilias Trotter Center, based at Houghton College. He and his wife Christine have served as SIM missionaries among Muslims for more than 30 years. He has a burning vision for promoting undergraduate and graduate training in Islamic studies, Muslim ministries, and in Christian-worldview teacher training in Muslim communities.

*Requirements for auditors are determined by the course instructor. 

We offer our courses in partnership with
Wesley Biblical Seminary

Graduate Certificate in Islam and Ministry to Muslims


This 24-credit certificate program will give you a solid foundation in understanding the history and development of both Christianity and Islam. You will investigate deeply the core of Christian and Muslim worldviews. You will gain practical skills in evangelism, discipleship and church planting in Muslim contexts. Click here to contact WBS and find out more!


Courses in this certificate program include:

1. Islamic Foundations: A Christian Analysis of Islam's Source Documents


Provides in-depth study of the Qur’an and the biography of Muhammad.

2. History of Islam

Surveys the development of Islam from 632 AD to present.

3. Christian Engagement with Muslims


Investigates historical and contemporary Christian approaches to Muslims.

4. Discipling and Planting Churches among Muslims


Studies principles for fruitful discipling and church planting among Muslims.

5. The Gospels

Develops an effective and comprehensive method of studying Scripture for life and ministry.

6. Philosophy of Christian Religion

Explores the philosophical presuppositions undergirding Christian theology.

7. History of Christian Thought

Traces the history of Christianity and the development of Christian doctrine.

8. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation


Examines the means of grace necessary for a dynamic Christian life and methods for discipleship in the local church.

NOTE: All credits earned in the Certificate can be applied towards a
Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree at WBS.


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“The world in which we live today is confronted with catastrophic changes unparalleled in human history and the Church is going to be tasked with discovering how to live side by side, step by step in harmony and yet with distinction, beside or alongside, a very aggressive and uniquely monotheistic faith. For these reasons and more I envision The Lilias Trotter Center helping the Church … as we seek to share Him with those who do not yet know and love Him.”

- David E. Dick,
VP at Large (and former International Director), One Mission Society